Rapid mix burner technology is distinguished from other technologies by its low excess air design and dual-fuel firing capabilities. The HDRMB utilizes a technique called flue gas recirculation to operate at 3%-4% O2 stack levels and achieve lower excess air requirements. Compared to other designs that employ a surface combustion head operating with 8%–10% O2, the HDRMB burner can improve boiler efficiency as much as 3.5% by operating at lower excess air levels and reducing stack losses.

The HDRMB utilizes a conventional firing head which is not susceptible to thermal shock and does not require an expensive air filter. The dual fuel design allows oil firing without changing the firing head or requiring other mechanical modifications. This reduces maintenance and improves reliability when switching between gas and oil operation.

The inherently low excess air operation and dual fuel capability of the HDRMB burner reduces fuel and energy usage and enhances boiler efficiency. Webster customers not only save on energy and maintenance, but enjoy a faster payback on their investment.

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