High Quality Boiler Storage Tank

Arizona Boiler Storage Tanks For Sale

Arizona Boiler Company, Inc. offers a variety of tanks for storage of emulsions, and water. Storage capacities range from 2,000 gallons to 40,000 gallons. These tanks are offered in both vertical and horizontal configurations and can be made to be stationary or mobile. They can be unheated or heated in many different ways, including electric heating elements or they can be heated with hot oil or steam through serpentine coils. We also offer a direct fired storage tank in which the tank is heated by a burner that fires directly into a tube inserted in the storage tank.

Tanks come with a float and proximity switch to prevent over filling the tank as well as low level controls to prevent the tank from heating the media if its level drops below the heating coils. These tanks typically come with 3”to 6” of high temperature insulation tank wrap and are also available with optional mixers to keep the product in proper suspension. The boiler storage tanks come complete with operating controls that can be set by an operator to maintain the product stored in the tank at a preset temperature.

We are one of the largest boiler companies that is an ASME Certified boiler company.

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