Offering integration and scalability, the new, high efficiency Integrated Control Systems from Hurst Boiler for boiler room monitoring and communications provide advanced supervisory boiler controls for all new and legacy Hurst products.
Integration has become essential for efficient operation and shared duty load. Hurst developed and offers a full line of processor based smart controls fully compatible with all Hurst designs including alternative fuel models.

Precise control of fuel and combustion air can result in very high efficiencies. Hurst intelligent control systems allow you to harness these savings while increasing over all boiler plant productivity.

“Large facilities such as manufacturing, refining, schools and hospitals have multiple boilers for redundancy and turndown,” explains Hurst Boiler’s Control Systems Manager. “Our new, highly advanced integrated control systems are easy to use and provide many efficiency enhancements. Our trusted, reliable boiler now becomes a source of diagnostics and information to meet the needs of our customer. They want to know more about their energy usage, predictive maintenance and better analyze their utilities operations. The HURST integrated controls family gives them that opportunity.”

All Hurst customers can upgrade to this new technology.

Hurst control systems easily adapted to any existing Hurst boiler system.

Optimizes the boiler lead/lag operation by continually monitoring the rate of change in steam pressure which allows multiple boilers to efficiently work together to achieve system set points.

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by maintaining proper air-to-fuel ratios.

Fully automated and completely integrated with all Hurst boiler/burner controls. Easy to use touch screen interface enables full function access and real-time display. Ensure proper operations of oxygen scrubbing deaerators and other needs that coincide with the deaeration process and delivery of boiler make-up water.

Easy to use touch screen interface enables full function access and real-time display. Fully automated and completely integrated with all Hurst boiler/burner controls. Continuous monitoring by the Feedmaster’s system insures proper delivery and precise pre-heated temperatures of boiler make-up water.

The FireMaster is a multi-point boiler and burner control system. Constant monitoring of the boiler system enables real time adjustments to achieve optimized firing and cycle rates. Firemaster integrates with an array of boiler equipment like feed water systems and heat recovering economizers.

Bring all your boilers and equipment to a single collective point with the Hurst Boilermaster system. Now it is possible to monitor and manage your steam and hot water operations from on site touch screen, or remotely via secure internet, or through a (SCADA) building automation system.

Firing boilers on solid fuels has always been a challenge. With variables like fuel-moisture percentages and varying BTU values, achieving a constant and clean burn with solid fuels can be cumbersome at times.

The Biomasster system is designed as a complete monitoring and automated control system providing intuitive control of the boiler, fuel feed and peripheral equipment operation. Through the HMI (human machine interface), the operator is given a “dashboard” view of all the motors, devices and processes relative to easy operation of the boiler. From the main operators view, all points of the system are visible and easily accessible.

All Hurst solid fuel customers can upgrade to this new technology.

The Biomasster system is easily adapted to any existing Hurst solid fuel boiler system. Imagine the ease and lower cost of operation once this system is working for you.

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