DHF Gun-Type Burner

The Johnson Advantage

  • Sub 9 ppm NOx compliance out-of-the-box
  • Efficient, stable forced draft combustion
  • Compact and factory tested for easy installation
  • Durable cast aluminum or fabricated steel housing
  • Stainless steel diffuser head design
  • Adjustable premix firing head
  • Fully automatic safety control
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  • Fuels: Gas, No. 2 oil
  • BoilerCapacity: 20 to 250 boiler HP
  • Applications: Scotch (firetube), firebox & watertube boilers; furnaces



Johnson DHF Burners are designed for use whenever efficient, quiet and smooth combustion is required from a compact packaged system. Quality construction and state-of-the-art design assures years of efficient and reliable service.

They are offered in eleven sizes for optimum performance. A variety of standard and custom control configurations are available to suit any application. A field adjustable premix firing head ensures superior mixing of fuel air, as well as custom shaping of the flame.

All packaged DHF units are fully assembled, pre-wired and factory tested. A circular firing head and integral mounting flange allows direct mounting to the boiler or furnace front plate without requiring special cut-outs, or additional support.

The DHF burner is listed by U.L. Systems are available to meet IRI, FM, CSD-1, NFPA and other special agency approvals.